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What Is the Correct Indefinite Article for the Noun Chemise

Exercise Write these questions in your notebook. Click the name after answering each question to view sample answers. Clothing An important reason to know what time looks like is to know what we need to wear. Check out the slides here to learn the names of some clothes in English Let`s Talk About Gender Again. In Unit 2, you learned that all French names have a gender. They are either men or women. You can see in your new vocabulary that these names are not living beings, but that they still have a gender. As mentioned earlier, do not think that the items belong to a man or a woman or were bought or manufactured by either of them. Think of gender only in terms of the technical part of the word. Just learn the words as they are and learn the gender with them. How will you learn gender with the word? Pay special attention to the article that accompanies it.

If he has one or the front in front of him, it is a male. If he has one or the one in front of him, it is a female. Just like with specific items, there are four forms of these items: A blouse? You`ve probably noticed the little words in front of the clothes. These little words, one, one, des, are similar to the words el, la, the ones we learned in unit 2. Remember that we called the, the, the defined articles? They mean “the” in English. The words you have seen in front of the clothes are called indeterminate items and mean one, one or some in English. In English we can sometimes omit articles (specific and indefinite), but in French they are used more often, so we need to learn more about them. If you look at the list of words below, you will see if you can guess what the words mean in English. Click on each word to see what it means. Practice putting the particular article in front of these names, and then the indefinite article in front of them. Click on each name to see if you did it right.

Do you understand the difference between a jacket and a jacket? The jacket is the jacket. A jacket is a jacket. While this may seem like a small difference, you will learn that these are very important differences. Additional clothing vocabulary can be found in this table. Be sure to click on each of them to repeat the item and do it as many times as you want in order to feel completely confident with the new vocabulary. We will use it quite often in this unit. .