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With MyGov, don`t forget to write down the error numbers along the way so you can follow the links to get an explanation of what went wrong. Errors are so common that the ATO actually includes them in its instructions. Many people say they haven`t received a PAYG summary. They wonder what to do. So if you want an actual copy of your PAYG (now called a profit and loss account), you can ask a tax advisor for help or prepare for a government website. It looks like this: if you first share an email address with your partner, you`ll need to create a new one for yourself. You enter all your personal information, including the text codes they send. To prove who you are, you`ll then need to answer “secret” questions from the information included in your previous year`s statements. So you have to find them. After all this, you can call a call center to ask for a code. It may take some time to pass, so make yourself a coffee before you start.

Once you get the link, use it to link one account to another. Much of this confusion revolves around when PAYG payment summaries will be available and how to access them. And when it comes to your tax return, Etax automatically receives the PAYG information for you. The government has changed the rules for employers. From now on, they should no longer give you a PAYG. Instead, they are supposed to send the details directly to the government, not to you, and the only place they tell you you you can find those details is on the government website. (But the truth is that any decent tax agent, like Etax, gets all this for you.) If you don`t have a myGov account yet, you`ll need to create one online here. No, you don`t need a PAYG summary to manage your taxes with a tax advisor (as most people do, even at Etax). A pension member must file a tax return if their taxable income from all sources, including their super state pension, is above the thresholds set by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) or if the pensioner has been deducted from their pension for tax purposes.

From 2020, the summary of pay-as-you-go payments is now known as the income statement. The income statement is only available through your myGov account for employment in the department and local school payroll (SLP). A copy of the profit and loss account cannot be made by the department or school. You do not need your PAYG to prepare your tax return with Etax. If you need it for another reason, you may experience a shock. As a tax agent, we may view your PAYG payment summary information via your ATO report (provided your employer has sent it to the ATO). Maybe you don`t have a myGov account. Or maybe you`re having trouble creating your myGov account.

Historical payment summaries by PAYG will continue to be available to all employee self-service employees for employees, with access to eduPay still available if at least one employment entity (ministry or SLP) remains active on the payroll. If a person requires a historical summary of payments by DISTRIBUTION after terminating their employment, the procedure for replacing lost or damaged summaries applies. At Etax, we are tax advisors and our goal is to facilitate tax returns. Granted, we`re biased, but based on the feedback we receive from customers, we think there`s a better way to get your payment information and pay your taxes here. So, if you expect to receive your PAYG payment summary by mail or email and haven`t received it by July 14, it probably means your employer is using STP. Yes. The ATO has published a fact sheet on stP and how it affects you as an employee. You can read or download a copy of this data sheet here. What for? Well, you need to create a MyGov account and then link that account to the ATO. It may sound simple, but as anyone with experience with government websites knows, you may find yourself in a rabbit hole or face a website failure or failure. For more information on taxation, please contact the Australian Taxation Office. Your payment summary information is available on ATO online services via myGov and is referred to as the “income statement”.

To see if your PAYG payment summary (or income statement) is tax-ready, please check your myGov account. Historical payment summaries that need to be replaced or that have been lost or damaged can be reproduced by the employee with eduPay ESS. PAYG information prior to the 2019/20 financial year is not available in your myGov account. A printed historical PAYG payment summary is generally not required for tax returns filed with an accountant or if you use the ATO MyTax service. The ATO, MyTax “Pre-fill” option automatically downloads the income statement details into the tax return and can eliminate the need for a historical printed copy. An employee who needs to create and submit an alternative payment history must complete the “Replacement Payment Claim Summary” form, which is available under “Procedures and Forms” (see the “Resources” tab). A fee will be charged for a replacement PAYG payment summary. Under the current requirements of the Australian Tax Office, the PAYG payment summary cannot be sent by email. Not all employers have switched to STP, so you may receive your PAYG payment summaries by mail or email. Members are generally required to report their income if they are under the age of 60 or if the retirement income is greater than $100,000.

If a member is under the age of 60, the total amount of the taxable portion of the pension – shown on the payment statement – is taxable income. The ATO has asked employers to stop giving PAYG summaries to employees. Does it seem strange to you to receive less information than before? Now, most people learn their salary by simply looking at the pay slips. You now need to access your income statement or online payment summary information. This means that you may not receive a PAYG payment summary from your employer if they report on Single Touch Payroll (STP). (New: Etax automatically adds your latest tax refund and displays your tax refund calculation directly on your screen.) If a member is 60 years of age or older, a pension is taxable only if it exceeds the member`s defined benefit income limit, which is generally $100,000 per year. If a member`s pension is above their limit, 50% of the amount above their limit is taxable income. (Note: The limit is reduced in the year in which a pension was paid and in the year in which a member reached age 60.) A person who terminates their employment is expected to upload copies of any previous PAYG payment summaries they may need before their payroll hire is processed. Profit and loss statements are only available in the person`s myGov account.

Many employers are now using a new reporting method called Single Touch Payroll (STP). State Super sends a summary of pay-as-you-go payments to all retired members at the end of each fiscal year. The PAYG payment statement confirms the amount of pension received by a member during that fiscal year and the amount of taxes deducted (if any). .